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Customer Testimonials

  • Ron from WISCONSIN

    I was in the market for a trailer to haul my compact tractor from job to job, but had a limited budget. I was going to buy a used trailer from Auto and Toy Trader when Jess thought a new trailer would suit my needs much better, so we talked and came to an agreement that fit my budget. Now I have a very nice new trailer that will last me as long as I will be working with my compact tractor and then still have great resale value. Ron Bohn

  • David from GA

    My Load Trail tandem axle dump deck over trailer is the best pulling trailer I have ever owned. You will almost forget it is behind your truck. It will be the only trailer I ever have to buy again. It is so heavy duty that I don’t think you could over load it if you tried. The trailer brakes are smooth and powerful. I am so pleased with my purchase.

  • Janet from MISSOURI

    The right trailer for the right price!

  • Jr from MN

    great trailers,great doing business through jim at auto toy trader

  • Chris from MO

    Less then 3 yrs and pulled less then 3 times. It was my dream trailer and has been a great let down. I have bought dozens of your trailers in the past and haven't bought one since this one. Very sad about this trailer. I'm ordering another trailer this week and was just looking at your web site because I love you trailers. I just can't order another one after this last one. It's got wiring problems, axle seal leaks, Carlisle hydra star brakes don't work right, breakaway doesn't work, brake battery case broke and feel down and scratched my new truck tailgate going down road, brake lights stay on dimly even when not hooked up to truck, hydraulic jack control switches are all upside down, all the batteries go died in about 3 days and paint is rusting already. I have been a load trail billboard for years. The 3 times I pulled this trailer people just commented how nice this trailer was and would love to have on. I just say yep and that's all, kind of ashamed to say anything else for the money I have in it. The quality isn't like it has been in the past. I sit on a government board and we bought a new tilt deck for them from you and it didn't come in like ordered didn't get double screwed on floor and add the extra ordered d-rings either. Dealer welded them on and know have a new trailer with paint burns and spray painted repair. Just sad because love the look of your products. Sorry for the long ice breaker.

  • Shane from TENNESSEE

    I've read awesome things about Load Trail trailers. While I just picked up my drop tandem axle trailer today, I can tell you that it's the highest quality trailer I've ever owned. The details are all there. It has a great frame, great paint job, high quality lumber, great warranty, etc. I've already loaded it with my commercial mowers and it rides as smooth as can be. This trailer should last me years to come and I fully think that it will!

  • Tenny from SASK

    The bang for the buck is the best deal around am going to be buying a hydraulic deck over also.

  • Mike from MN

    I did a lot of shopping around before I made the purchase of my 2013 load max trailer. I liked the quality and the low prices with the load max line of trailers. I use my trailer daily, and love the way it pulls, and how easy it is to load and unload. I will defiantly purchase another load max trailer in the future as my business grows! I have recommended the load max brand to all my friends that are looking for trailers. Thanks for the great products! Mike

  • Dylan from IOWA

    I just purchased the trailer today. Haven't had a chance to use it but pulls nice and looks and is built great!

  • Travis from PA

    I have been looking for a well built trailer to tow behind my dodge ram 3500. heard some horror stories about some brands and praises about others. Some of them twist over pressures of the loads you put on them and all well make a long story short this trailer is very well built sturdy. I use it for hauling farm equipment and hay they only thing i would change on it is having the option to store my ramps up and down instead of laying flat i just need that extra five foot for a brush hog. but all and all this is a great trailer very well built.