The payload is the total weight of the cargo not including the trailer weight that you can haul on your trailer. It is calculated as follows: GVWR – Weight of Trailer = Total Payload Capacity.  

The GAWR is the Gross Axle Weight Rating, meaning the total weight rating per axle.  

The GVWR is the Gross Vehicle Weight Capacity. This is the total weight rating of what your trailer is rated for including the weight of the trailer itself and the cargo. You should never exceed the GVWR.

Check your owners manual for VIN locations.  

We have a large variety of options available. If there is an specific option that you are looking for but do not see on our website, contact your local dealer so that they can point you in the right direction. We will not modify the structure and framework of the trailer.  

We have a knowledgeable, nationwide dealer base.  Contact your local authorized Load Trail dealer, or, submit your question here via our contact  form.

Call the 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Hotline at 1-877-211-8138 .

With an industry best warranty, we have a few options to help resolve the issue for you as easy and as quickly as possible. 

A. Call or visit your local dealer. 

B. Call our Customer Service/Warranty Department at: 903-783-3915 

C. Submit your claim here.

The owners manual and many other helpful resources can be found here.

Load Trail offers an industry best 232 protection program. Click here for more details.

This varies by dealer. Please contact your local dealer for the most accurate time-frame. To find an authorized Load Trail dealer, click here.

No. Load Trail has been family owned and operated since we were established in 1996. We are proud to be the largest family owned and operated trailer manufacturer in the US. All of our trailers are built in the USA.   

Load Trail has been in the business of building premium quality trailers for over 20 years. The quality of our trailers is superior to that of our competitors. We also carry the best warranty in the industry.

We have a state of the art finishing department. After weld QC inspection the trailer will go into a sandblast booth where it is sandblasted top to bottom. The trailer will then undergo an acid wash to make sure we get all the grease off the metal. After washing, the trailer is moved into a dryer, and from there it travels into a primer booth where every trailer gets primed. The trailer will then travel into a powder paint booth where we apply the color of your trailer. Finally, it will proceed to a powder coat baking cure oven where it will get baked until the powder is perfectly cured.

While Load Trail does not offer pick-up, our authorized dealers are set-up and do a great job of going over the features of the trailers, proper use, and all the safety concerns.

All of our authorized dealers are independently owned and operated and will price the trailers accordingly. You can request a quote from a local dealer here.

You can view inventory within your local area here. The best way to find a particular trailer is to contact a dealer near you.

Load Trail is not licensed to retail-direct. Every trailer must be purchased through one of our licensed dealers. Click here to locate an authorized Load Trail  dealer near you.

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