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Customer Testimonials

  • Mitchell from VIRGINIA

    I purchased a single axle Load Trail 77"x12'SE7712031 Trailer from CARSMART on 03/02/2015 after a 3-4 month search for a new trailer. I was impressed with your warranty and the ideas of a spring loaded tailgate and a fully enclosed wiring harness. I took delivery and towed the trailer home without problem. When I went to register the trailer I found the dealer had not signed the certificate of origin properly and had to return the certificate to him for a proper signature. Once titled, I attempted to mount the license plate, only to find that the plate hung so far below the frame that it drug on the ground. I then experienced a dead short in the running lights and tried to check out the reason. After much studying and determination, I was able to pry the rear light from its gasket and found a broken wire. I repaired the wire and also moved the license plate lite to the tailgate, and mounted the license plate on the bottom of the tailgate. I find it difficult to believe so much thought and care went into constructing a well made trailer only to cheapen same by the worst license plate mounting location and almost impossible accessibility to the wiring harness. On a positive note, the trailer pulls well, loads easily, carries my two mowers with ease, looks good and will probably last a long time. Since the trailer did not break down, I did not call roadside assistance. I would buy again if these problems could be addressed. Please advise as to my thoughts regarding plate location and accessibility to the wiring. Thanks!

  • George from MT

    My story is still being written. Just what can I say. Like the look and style of this trailer. Thank you my wife.

  • Micha from NY

    Nice trailer, better options than others that I looked at.

  • Scott from WI

    Nice trailer and a great price!

  • Leo from ALBERTA

    Purchased trailer to haul gravel and black earth. Very sturdy and well built, friends with other brands say ours is much stronger and better built. Very easy to pull behind my Dodge Diesel, you dont even feel it unless it is loaded. Hydraulic system works great compared to others i have used. Very satisfied with this tandem axle dump trailer. Would buy another one and would recommend to friends. Dt8314072 6307 TRA/REM TANDEM AXLE DUMP.

  • Baker from OH

    Load Trail offers well built and good quality trailers. We highly recommend them to our customers. They stand behind what they build and we appreciate that.

  • Eric from INDIANA

    I chose LoadTrail, because of the quality, options, and look. I had a good experience ordering a new LoadTrail trailer from Spencer Trailers. I was after some specific options, and the salesman took time and went through all the options with me. He also gave me some sound advice along the way. When I got the trailer I was happy with the overall quality and look of the trailer. It had a some minor damage to the fender that happened in shipping, they took care of the warranty issue very promptly, and with consideration that I was not close to the dealership and couldn't just come back later. The only issue I ran into was ordering the trailer right before the factory shut down for annual maintenance and inventory. It prolonged the period of time from ordering to receiving the trailer. This was not a issue as I didn't need the trailer till spring anyway. I would defiantly recommend LoadTrail trailers.

  • Kris from AB

    I bought this trailer and now I have recommended them to two of my buddies they find them to be the best trailers around. Love the powder coat. My battery charger seems to be not charging but its too cold outside to troubleshoot it. I had to stick a charger on it and plug it in. Hauled 36 pieces of 7inch pipe and it dumped no problems.

  • Jeremy from TEXAS

    All good love it

  • Eugene from WI

    I have owned my trailer for about a year and a half. In that short amount of time I have put on about 45,000 miles. I haul many different items with my Gooseneck trailer. I have hauled mini barns, machinery, lumber, cement blocks, hay and straw, feed and many other various goods. I chose the trailer because I needed a larger, durable trailer that was practical for all the loading and hauling I do. Overall, my trailer has exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciate how handy the hydraulic dove tail is. I would suggest this type of trailer to a friend that is looking to haul a wide variety of goods.