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Customer Testimonials

  • Nick from WI

    Use the trailer for the first time this week, very well Engineered. Minimal issues.

  • Matt from INDIANA

    I picked up my new 14' Gooseneck Dump yesterday. Chose Load Trail after searching the internet for weeks and looking at specs on every brand I could think of. Went with the load trail because it seemed like they were better built than the competitors, and after picking it up I believe they are. Very quality built trailer. The floor and sides of the trailer are bent out of one piece of metal(per side), instead of welding numerous pieces together. Looks much nicer, and I'm sure it is stronger that way. Added the ramps, full width tool box, Led lights, and twin jacks. Well worth the money! That tool box is great! Hauled a swing set for the little boy so far, but ready to put this thing to work!

  • Jeffrey from ALBERTA

    After hours of searching the Internet, I decided Load Trail had the best Price and Product for my business needs. We place the trailers on site for customer's to fill, Beats the cost of buying bins and yet another truck to haul bins. The price for a small Dump Trailer is what makes it work Thanks

  • Donnie from OKLAHOMA

    I just purchased the load trailer. I have a jeep that I will be hauling. Before I purchased, I searched the internet for about a week before I decided that this was the best deal. I would recommend this trailer to anyone.

  • Ellen from MN

    We have now purchased several load trail trailers. We use them for hauling rock, dirt, skid loader, scrap iron. They are the best trailer for what we use them for and we give them a challenge. Love our Load Trail.

  • Brian from CO

    Excellent, well built trailer. Definitely exceeded my expectations at first glance. The green paint job was also an added bonus.

  • Joel from ON

    I got this trailer in the spring of 09 have not had a bit of problem with it. other that it doesn't have enough lites for me .it hauls around my sandblasting equipment sonetimes my scissor lift & forklift. I did install a 10,000 lb winch to make loading easy. every were I go I get compliments about it. I like the way it pulls very nice trailer

  • Bob from WYOMING

    Purchase trailer a month a go from a guy who bought brand new a few months before that's. My first impression was wow this is built tough. Love how ramps slide into trailer behind the rear axles. Funny thing is I purchased this trailer for mainly hauling firewood. Well the day I purchased this trailer I was on my way home which was 2 hours away. I came upon a family who was broke down on the side of the road with a blown radiator hose. Well I pulled over and we loaded their car onto my trailer and away we went. Unloaded car at their house and as I pulled away I thought to myself, I'm sure glad I bought this trailer. With a load on I was impressed how well it tracked down the highway.

  • Niccolo from MI

    We just got this 750gal tank trailer for our well drilling business, and we're already impressed. We've backed it into some tight places, and it's already taken abuse like a champ. Rig hand bounced a 4' pipe wrench offen it and barely dented it at all. Not that that's good, but it happened. This is a darn good trailer.

  • Larry from WISCONSIN

    I researched flat bed trailers for months. I purchased a Load Trail because I felt it was the best trailer for my needs. After delivery I noted the fit, finish and quality exceeded my expectations. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for a quality trailer check out the Load Trail.