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Customer Testimonials

  • Scott from MT

    I just bought my Load Trail 5x10 dump bed trailer last week. As a homeowner with a pickup that has a tiny bed but can tow, this trailer is perfect for me. I have hauled dirt, gravel, firewood, and boulders and did not beat up my new truck. It also carries much more weight! I can now carry over two tons per trip. I think the Load Trail dump bed is a great value. Mine came with ramps, a tarp kit, and a solar charger. The only thing I'm going to add is a spare tire and wheel. I may also keep some kind of jack and lug-nut wrench with the trailer, just in case.

  • Daniel from TX

    I recently purchased the Load Trail, 2015, SA7712PT, trailer and was very happy with the quality of the trailer. I spent a large portion of my day looking at other trailers and although I paid a little more than I would have liked, I know that I have a well built trailer for life. Thanks guys. -Daniel

  • Darend from MN

    I have had this trailer going on one year. This trailer has been great only one exception is make sure you have the battery charged fully. With my model trailer if not charged and battery dies it will puke out hydro fluid in battery box. But my fault for not charging and checking. I would def recommend to a friend I am actually placing an order tomorrow for a loadtrail skid trailer with the new multi purpose dove tail.

  • Mike from 32

    Nice trailer,moved a machine,loaded materials traveled well,,very stout trailer on the first day

  • Aaron from ILLINOIS

    Have been looking for a good, used trailer to haul my antique ag. tractors for restoration and for shows. Good trailers are very difficult to find. Heard about the Load Trail trailers, so I went to a dealership to look at them. I was very pleased with what I saw and the sales person was very helpful in suggesting options, licensing, and pricing. So I ordered a trailer and am very satisfied thus far.

  • Ryan from WA

    I have had the trailer about a month, I have already loaded it with firewood, rocks, limbs, bark and anything else I could throw in there, just so I could dump it. Know instead of my back hurting, it just my index finger from holding the button down. Just kidding! Love the trailer.

  • Jim from ILL

    Just bought my 2003 trailer a couple weeks ago. Tired of borrowing other trailers! Very impressed with the quality of this trailer. Used it several times already. Tows great! Bought it at a Load Trail dealer in Arthur, I'll. Do you have a refurbishing program? Would like to get it repainted and pin striped. Also replace original stickers.

  • Josh from NE

    I have had my trailer for about 3 1/2 years now, and it has been a great trailer. I own a small grading company, so I'm constantly puling equipment around. I have had a number of different trailers from different manufactures over the years and my Load Trail is one of best. They are a great trailer for a great price, that's a hard to beat combo.

  • Duane from OHIO

    I was in need of a new trailer and found the Load Trail to be the best quality with the features I was looking for at a great price.

  • Juston from GEORGIA

    I just got my trailer and made the first trip with it. Although the trailer did not come with the correct axles and tires, Load Trail is making it right.