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Customer Testimonials

  • Tim from KS

    You all make a great product. I researched a lot of trailers before buying a load trail. Yours are better built and also look nicer than others. It also pulls nice and has all the right equipment such as the break-away and safety chains. I recently had to go recover a friends stolen truck 3 hours away from home. The trailer pulled nicely when loaded, and when we stopped for a break at a rest stop, a trooper pulled up and looked to see if it was hooked up properly and had all the safety equipment. He saw it was all there and went on his way. Thanks again for making a great product.

  • Cory from PENNSYLVANIA

    I bought the trailer today and started hauling tractors and other equipment on it. It is a great trailer and although its not a full HD trailer, it is definitely extremely sturdy. I am more than pleased with it and would recommend anyone to purchase a Load Trail Trailer.

  • Lucas from NY

    Great quality, versatile, heavy duty and easy to use trailer. Highly recommended!

  • Jeffrey from LA

    I chose loadtrail because you get a better quality trailer along with a better price. I traveled 500 miles to get what I wanted instead of settling for what the local dealers had on the lot.

  • Jeffrey from ALBERTA

    After hours of searching the Internet, I decided Load Trail had the best Price and Product for my business needs. We place the trailers on site for customer's to fill, Beats the cost of buying bins and yet another truck to haul bins. The price for a small Dump Trailer is what makes it work Thanks

  • Bill from OHIO

    Love trailer make my job easier know I have a brand that can be trusted

  • Derek from WI

    My son and I purchased this trailer together for hauling our modified tractor pullers. The full gate ramp is great we don't have to worry about slipping off.

  • Robert from NORTH CAROLINA

    I picked up my trailer in Iowa, headed to Wisconson and loaded a Disc Mower (4000 lbs), headed over to Ohio and loaded a hay accumlator and grapple and made my way back to NC. The trailer worked perfectly!!!

  • Bryan from WISCONSIN

    Being the first dump trailer our business purchased, getting the right one was important to us. After researching and comparing pricing for other manufactures in the same class, it was apparent that the Load Trail was the best value. The Load Trail dump trailer seemed to have a step up on all features of the trailer, in comparison to other manufacturers. I am happy with the decision we made, and will continue to look at Load Trail for future purchases!

  • Joe from WI

    love it so far. Thanks!