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  • Chris from MISSOURI

    Quality trailer purchased for agricultural use

  • Joe from IN

    I have only had my dump trailer for one day but fit and finish is excellent. It is exactly what we wanted and has done great for hauling two loads of dirt and one load of round bales of hay. We looked at several different brands of dump trailers but load trail offered a gooseneck deckover dump trailer at a much better price with several other standards that are options on other brands. I would definitely recommend to others it is the best pulling trailer I've ever owned.

  • Raymond Bates from AB

    Happy new Year Load Trail Here is my story with Load trail I started a landscaping company ten years ago with an old converted tent trailer ($200). As the company grew we ended up pulling dump trailers with 3/4 ton trucks. I found that unsafe so i started purchasing larger 2 and 3 ton dump trucks. Today with maintenance expanding I have fallen back in love with trailering - in particular small equipment we use for snow removal. Winter trailering is a whole different ball game. It terrifying getting pushed around by your trailer on ice. I had a dual 7k hydro tilt 22 ft r that was just too big for the job. I just purchased the cutest 10 ft load trail tilt deck. Im very happy with the purchase - although I thought Load trail could have done a better job with the tilt lock mechanism - its just a hitch pin. I would have liked to have -AT LEAST THE OPTION for a spring loaded pin that locks when the deck swings back down. Would have prevented rolling down the high way doing a "cat walk" with my 25k dollar tractor holding on for dear life. I work long hours (in the extreme cold) and its easy to forget that damb hitch pin. I can imagine my guys making the same mistake as its an easy oversight. I realize its my responsibility - but the engineers could have designed this locking function better. (I noticed you redesigned your dual axle tilt trailer locking mechanism) After all - I didn't care how much I had to pay - I just wanted a nice trailer. So I went with the best. Load trail has a number of videos promoting their higher grossing trailers - But i had no such opportunity to view or inspect before purchasing - I purchased ($5000), with open wallet, and blindfolded - with only a black and white picture of the scissor lift hauler. Further more; leaving 4c outlet trailers - towing down the highway - as happy as can be - going 110 km per hour - I realize - now - I have to turn back and return to the trailer store because MY NEW TRAILER' s brakes - ARE NOT WORKING. So I sit and wait for over an hour and they determine the electrical component for the breaks is completely disconnected. I hate wasting time and I hate when my new equipment has issues after paying full retail cash. Despite this - I still continued the chain of referrals - catching my brother in law - who's home renovation company required a dump trailer - He was just about to sign with the competition (inferior product) - when I swayed him to go with Load Trail. I think I deserve a couple of shirts and all the trailer swag you could possibly send to a guy - whom has many more trailers in his future- and lots of trailering buddies. Large and X-large Shirts. Hitch pins, Coiled break away wires (and or replacement wires (with a key that fits into my break away controller) Also spare pins with the chain - that locks the trailer ball onto the hitch. A guy would really bond with his new go to trailer manufacturer - LOAD TRAIL ! Did i mention I love free trailer swag? Respectfully submitted, Raymond Bates Courtyard Landscape ltd Calgary AB CANADA 1403 617 2273

  • Landon from SK

    I just recently purchased my trailer so have not used it very much yet. So far I am happy with my purchase.

  • Jason from OHIO

    Long time user, terrific trailer!! Built better than any other trailer in it's class, probably overbuilt. Will handle any size or configuration of load that the axles permit without any issues from the frame, has never cracked or bent. Regularly used on 600 mile interstate trips hauling offroad vehicles with complete confidence and pulls like it's not back there. Will not hesitate to buy from same manufacturer.

  • James from NM

    Last summer, I knew I would need a small trailer to haul pine needles and other yard debris as part of program to create a defensible space around a cabin located in the mountains in northern New Mexico. I searched the papers, craig's list, and the web looking for a used trailer that would be servicable. It seemed everything with a decent price was junk, untitled, or part of a bait and switch from dealers ("well the one that's advertised was just sold, but come over and take a look at these..."). This year, I renewed my acquantance with Paul Baxter of Spring Enterprises, and he offered to help get a trailer. He put up with endless questions, and provided his expertise on what would work best for me. When he told me the price, I was amazed. Here was a new trailer, built to my spec.s, and the price is in the ball park I was looking at for a used trailer. The wife and I decided on a single axle lanscape trailer, Paul suggested using round tubes on top, and I decided to get it in blue. A short time after ordering, Paul called to say the trailer was here. We went to pick it up, and what a trailer it is! The blue is a great shade, the detail work is outstanding! It arrived exactly as we spec.'ed it out. I'm almost looking forward to the snow melting so I can go rake up pine needles and haul them in style. At delivery, Paul went over the warranty, the operation, loading and care of the trailer. No small feat, since the wind was blowing around 50 MPH the whole time. We hooked it up to the truck, and I knew we had made the right decision. The trailer is smooth, squares up behind my pickup, and is just the right size so I can see over and around it without hanging any additional mirrors on the truck. Thank You Load Trail for producing a small trailer that is built like a big trailer. Your production quality is top-notch. Thank you Paul for all your help in selecting this trailer. Your expertise helped make this trailer exactly what I needed. And, Thanks for doing it all at a reasonable price!

  • Steven from OHIO

    I needed a trailer to haul a tractor I'm buying and for use to transport logs, slabwood and automobiles. This trailer seems to fit very nicely for everything I need it for

  • Roger from TX

    Have been using utility trailer now for 10 months now for hauling around 50 inch cut riding lawn mower and other equipment. It is heavy duty and has not disappointed.It tracks great and gate with spring assist is great.It does everything a more expensive brand can do and would recomend this to anyone needed to haul equipment.

  • Kim from ALBERTA

    Great trailers for hauling in Canadian Winters.

  • George from OK

    We are a young transportation company based out of Oklahoma. We knew starting up that having quality equipment would be key to the success of our business. Having years of experience hauling and handling material we have had experience with several different makes and models of trailers. After weeks researching trailers online and with our previous knowledge it was an easy decision what trailer was right for us. Load trail makes some of if not the nicest trailers on the market. There pricing is unmatched and they have the best warranty in the industry. We have bought 3 load trail load max trailers in the last couple months and we plan on buying several more. To say the least we are very pleased with these trailers. please send 2 shirts