About Us

About Us


Load Trail began as a small family owned business in July of 1996. It consisted of a single 38,000 square foot manufacturing facility on a few acres. 21 years later, we have grown to over 420,000 square feet between our manufacturing facilities and 80+ acres with 14+ mechanized production lines and a fully equipped in-house fabrication shop. Recently we we’re awarded “Fastest Growing Trailer Brand of the Year” of 2014 & 2015. Trailer production began with enclosed trailers, transport trailers and sport trailers. The staff consisted of only 31 employees and three Dodge duallies to deliver our entire product line. Today, Load Trail manufactures additional trailer models including goosenecks, car haulers, single axles, dumps, utilities, landscapes, pintle hooks, hydraulic doves and more. We have added a dedicated stacking bay for loading trailers on to drop decks with overhead crane systems. Since inception, our dedicated staff peaked at over 500 employees in 2007 and we have implemented state of the art technologies to help manage our data and communication needs.

Load Trail started out with few resources, but has grown into a thriving business that will continue growing as the years pass. Although we have grown, one thing will always stay the same: To us, you will always be number one.

Feel free to browse our site and view our current trailer lineup as well as our dealer portal (Dealers Only) at https://mydealertrack.com or take a full tour of our facilities here. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please click here to fill out the Become a Dealer Form or emailĀ sales@loadtrail.com.

If you have any questions about our products, services, policies, or would like any further information please contact us at 903-783-3900 or email us any time at info@loadtrail.com.