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Customer Testimonials

  • Shane from OHIO

    have a small landscaping company and needed a dump trailer for a couple years now. was looking at other dump trailers and liked your brand better because of the lower sides

  • Weston from NC

    I haven't had this trailer long, but I put it to work as soon as I got home with it. It everything I was looking for. It pulls great, with a smooth ride and a excellent built trailer. It was the only equipment/car trailer that I have seen on the market that offers 102" deck width(which was a big selling point for me). I bought this trailer from Kevin at Carsmart in Lynchburg, VA. He was easy to work with, made sure I saw all the options available for my trailer, and priced right. The next trailer I buy will be a loadtrail from Kevin at Carsmart for sure.

  • Jon from ND

    We got this trailer for our debris clearing kit and it and it is perfect for quick load and unload along with hauling all the attachments for our Kubota.

  • Chad from NC

    I just started a part time business and without my load trail trailer i couldn't do anything. I never feel like I have to worry with my trailer because i know load trail is the best made and has the very best warranty in the business with the 232 policy. Thank you all!!!!

  • Cody from MISSOURI

    I just bought my trailer and I love it!

  • Charlie from OHIO

    I was looking to replace my 2004 Hawke 7X14 dump trailer & after 2 months of looking online & at local dealers I decided that Load Trail was the best choice for my money. After actually putting my hands on one there was no question that I was going to buy one,I decided on a 83X16 Dump Trailer and I'm glad that I did, it is much better quality than the Hawke. Thankyou,CharleHatfield

  • Darin from IL.

    I've only had this trailer for a few days but, am pleased with it so far. Dealer was excellent. I did a lot of research before ordering this trailer. Was rated as one of the best brands....so far I have to agree. Thanks!!!

  • Adam from MN

    I have had trailer since new really like it but really not satisfied after a year of use how flaky the powder coat is and how it isn't holding up. Otherwise trailer is very nice and would buy again if they could fix the powder coat problem. I realize this will happen but started doing it within the first 3 months of owning it and probably by this time next year will look like crap

  • Daniel from IN

    After an extensive look for a good used trailer with no luck. I broke down and convinced myself I will just need to buy a new trailer and with the 3 top factors that sold me on Load Max were price, hydraulic dove tail and low pro and with that decision 7 yrs ago I have been very pleased sssooo pleased in fact that I just ordered a new one 2 wks ago and counting down the days till I can go pick it up My decision for buying Another Load Max came from the fact that I liked my old one so much the time I spent looking for a used one previosely I was borrowing trailers and when I hooked up to my Load Max it pulled like no other trailer I ever had hooked onto my truck Before ordering I did look at a few other trailers from variouse manufactures and If they had been less money I dont think I could of brought my self to sway from LOAD MAX. LOAD MAX quality and wiring seamed to be way above all the ones I looked at. The only reason I am going with a new trailer is that I put 25k to 30k miles on my trailer per yr and I wanted to switch to elec/hydraulic disc brakes for more cost efective brake changing and not have to adjust them all the time with the amount of miles I put on

  • Josh from WI

    Just got home with my new trailer. Pulls great empty and loaded with my compact tractor. Well built and will meet all my needs.